Your Mercy

When life doesn’t go my way,

the sadness seeps into my soul.

The darkness like a shadow grows.

It’s as if my spirit deems.

A selfish being I may seem.

I’m like an infant crying in his crib.

It’s your child seeking your strong arms.

As a fallen child is comforted by his dad.

Lifting me up so I can see.

Oh, my Lord, erase the pain.

In your presence my soul does shine.

As the sun restores its light.

Only you can change my heart.

I’m weathered down by the storm’s of life.

It’s your mercy, I do seek.

So spread your love for me to see.

Oh, my Lord erase my sadness,

as you wipe away my fallen tears.

Pour out your gentle mercy.

Oh, my precious Lord to me.