Remember Me

We bow our head, we close our eyes. We worship God like nature shines. The sun smiles down upon our day. The moon reflects God’s awesome love.

The earth performs its lovely dance. It twirls and spins with ballet grace. The perfect movement sustains our life.

The moon and stars, they light our night, like a torch, or candlelight. The stars show off His majesty, while heaven sings in harmony.

God’s canopy is over us. The clouds form to nature’s tune, from north to south and east to west. Its beauty trails upon the sky.

Earth’s flowers are brightly dressed, in colorful hues, our eyes enjoy. The trees and plants, upon the earth, stand straight and tall, upon the land.

All animals, both large and small, God created them; He loved them so. He gave them life, they innately know. It’s God who has created all.

Yes, finally, it is true. Stubborn man walks the earth too. He’s given a creative mind, that wills to follow or deny.

It’s our creator that softly speaks. He whispers love and guides our paths. We tune our ears and then He says, remember Me, My love awaits.