Snapshots in Time

They’re shared at special moments,these snapshots formed through time.

They captured all our senses, while locked securely in our heart.

Surrender is our only option, a choice that’s really not a choice.

But for this lifetime moment, we see life through a child’s eyes.
The discovery of a prism, as held up to a dancing light.

That compared to nature’s beauty, as the  wings of a butterfly in flight.
Young at heart become aware, few snapshots are so clear.

As a photographer would bear witness, such a talent on display.
Oh, it’s just a moment out of time, it’s etched upon my heart.

Snapshots made into golden memories, like footprints in the sand.
It’s upon this hardened heart, you’ve engraved a lasting image, that time can’t destroy.

My heart of stone is softened, by this golden moment in time.