Society’s Choice

#Society’s Choice#
How can His blessing flow? When the curse upon our country grows.
Salty tears upon angel’s eyes, weeping for the loss of babies’ cries.
You’re more than a mass of earth and clay, as in His tender arms you lay.
Flesh and bones, God’s whisper of air, so many people do not care.
Your masterpiece an easel of life. Why have they made you a symbol of strife?
His creation belongs to only Him, greater and more priceless than precious gems.
Every life has a purpose so! Can’t they allow you to live and grow?
How many diseases go without cures? Your golden life would have been so pure.
Nobel prizes go unclaimed. Why was your life so carelessly maimed?
How thoughtless man can really be. Whenever will we really see?
God’s patience can it forever last? His wrath surely to mankind will blast.
The Holocaust upon our land, Land of freedom how can we stand?
Land of liberty, with freedom for all, except for you who daily fall.
The womb of life is the chamber of death, as a candle in the breeze blows out your breath.
No longer country that abounds, without good, but evil all around.
The scale of life is within the balance, evil surrounds us with much malice.
Must we be forever blind? While making excuses in our mind.
Blinders seem to cover eyes, immune to all of society’s lies.
Oh, God, when will the madness cease? Someday your wrath you must release.
Hurry about before we perish, Oh, human race, why can’t we cherish?