Keeping the Faith

Please keep the torchlight burning, as in the days of ole. We’re standing at the starting gate. The race of life is on!
The future has become the past As quickly as the hourglass drips. We must keep our faith, and our little light glowing. We must pass the torch light on!
Bold and brave they met their call. In the ancient days of ole. They kept the torch light burning. They truly met God’s call!
Some tortured as they kept their faith. Many burned to death for their cause. Others stoned by angry mobs. We can still hear their brave cries!
Some died in angry lions’ mouths, As if by sport or game. Crowds of people watched in horror, while others cheered with glee!
Some crucified for their faith. As our Lord died on Calvary. Their reward is a home in glory, that is more precious than gold.
Their sacrifice was not in vain. They stood so brave and bold. They kept the torch light burning. An internal flame that shines for all!