Heroes of the Past

Thank you God for giving us, the heroes of the past! It’s amazing how their story, through the ages seem to last.
The purpose of their suffering, we ask, how can it be? It’s true, they died, for their faith, can’t you see.
These God honoring men died for the good, gospel news. Following Christ who died upon the tree.
James, the brother of John was put to death, with a sharp, sharp, sword. He stood for what is good and right, and didn’t want an earthly reward.
Paul and Matthew, were beheaded for their faith, it’s true. They died for what is good and right, just like the others too.
Oh, Andrew was martyred for his belief, you see. He was hung on an old, old Olive tree.

We remember Peter, who denied our Lord, three times. He asked to be crucified head downward, but wasn’t guilty of any crimes.
Others were beaten to death, with a club to the head. Even though they were right, Christ rose from the dead!
Many faced some gruesome deaths, you see. But Jesus made it right, for you and me.
Christ rose from the grave, they certainly were right! They were eyewitnesses to God’s glorious might!