God Still Has Time for Me

God hung the stars and planets in space,
in such a huge infinite place.
His majesty for all to see.
Everyone of us would agree.

The Universe is very grand.
God is the architect of this marvelous plan!
Laws of nature He designed, it’s true.
His name is hallowed by all creation too!

All of humanity, God must oversee.
He still has time for even me.
Oh, God has control overall.
Our prayers He answers if we call.

His authority, we all agree.
Mighty and strong for you and me.
God wants our love and nothing less.
It’s His children He likes to bless.

Enormous is God’s love, you see.
He sent His Son to die on Calvary’s tree.
God knows all about society’s hate.
Reach out to Him before it’s too late.

With open arms, God extends mankind His hand.
It’s Jesus’ blood, that’s God’s grand plan.
We hold tightly to our heavy load.
Money and possessions to Him, they belong.

God has sovereignty to hear and help us.
We simply need to give Him our trust.
May we cry out for His love that’s so dear.
It’s His small voice, we seek to hear!