Dear Mr. Trump

Mr. Trump, please blow your trumpet. Your want to keep us safe. You want to keep us safe, by building the great Southwestern Wall.
You will keep us safe, everyone must know. So blow your trumpet everywhere, sound the great alarm.
Be a voice to the voiceless, Keep our babies safe. Go blow your trumpet, Mr. Trump, from shore to shore!
Support our local policemen, who protect us every day. If it wasn’t for these brave folks, there would be chaos in our streets.
Mr. Trump, keep us safe by working oh, so hard! Improve our Nation’s military, who bravely watch over us each day and night. Stop the threat of ISS, who target us, they say.
So blow your trumpet everywhere,           and be heard throughout the land! Help our inner cities, create new jobs for all. Please bring back the companies and factories that have left us, so long time ago.
You don’t steal or cheat for power. You appear somewhat crude, I’d say. But you tell it as it is. So please listen to us little folks, who just want a land that’s safe.
The list grows long and long. We must be united together, to improve our great land! So Mr. Trump, proclaim your slogan, and make America great, again!