It’s a Popcorn, Soda Pop, Kind of Day

It's a Popcorn, Soda Pop, Kind of Day

It’s a Popcorn, Soda Pop, Kind of Day, tells the story of a 5th grade girl by the name of Amelia. Amelia and her two brothers are growing up in Kansas during the 1960’s. It is a decade filled with unrest that includes the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War. The story is told […]

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A Special Tree

(Calvary’s Tree) Thank you, God, for sharing your special tree with me. A special tree on a special hill, found only at Calvary. A tree that was watered with your salty tears, sweat and blood. Showering down your blessings on all humanity. A tree torn open, found not with sap, but blood from open wounds. […]

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Fwd: #Wings of Love#

Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: > From: glenn bulmer > Date: November 6, 2017 at 9:58:42 PM CST > To: Pam Billups > Subject: #Wings of Love# > > > Wings of Love > > We’re lifted on the wings of His love, > catching swift currents of air. > As a kite […]

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The Sapling

The little bird took the time to sit upon my tree. Oh, such a little tree. Oh, such a little bird. Oh, such a beautiful world to see! Why, my little tree, oh Lord? When it could soar the world over. Such a great wonder, Lord, such a great wonder! Such a tiny creature, such […]

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Society’s Choice

#Society’s Choice# How can His blessing flow? When the curse upon our country grows. Salty tears upon angel’s eyes, weeping for the loss of babies’ cries. You’re more than a mass of earth and clay, as in His tender arms you lay. Flesh and bones, God’s whisper of air, so many people do not care. […]

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Northern Lights!

Inspiring Poem - Northern Lights!

I wrote this poem to go along with my painting. Northern Lights! Majestic grander some would say. What stunning landscapes you display. Only when the time is right. You become an amazing sight! Such a diva of the sky. Colors dancing, oh so high. Sunrise beauty that’s so bright. Such a dazzling night-time light. Solar […]

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