A Special Tree

(Calvary’s Tree)
Thank you, God, for sharing your special tree with me. A special tree on a special hill, found only at Calvary.

A tree that was watered with your salty tears, sweat and blood. Showering down your blessings on all humanity.

A tree torn open, found not with sap, but blood from open wounds. No leaves were found, no branches grew, no beauty to behold.

Instead a great shadow grew, descending on all mankind. As earth brought forth its gripping pain, the heavens must have cried.

The tree tried to hide its shame as Jesus struggled to take a breath. Where upon the ground, precious blood was shed for you and me.

For the Lord is now in glory, as the angels cried out their joy. He is sitting  next to God, the Father, on His honored throne.

His arms are like branches that spread out wide. Gathering us to find shelter from the many storms of life.

As that special tree stood on Calvary’s hill, so very long ago. It was solid, and never yielding and standing straight and tall.