A Special Man

Dad or Daddy is a special name Such dedication brings you fame.
In your arms I’m held so tight. Just your presence makes it right.
Night of darkness is my fear. Disappears when daddy’s near.
With your strong arms held out wide. I stand tall by your side.
Daddy, Daddy with voice of might. What you say is always right.
Many hats you wear just so. Mr. Chauffeur, it’s time we go.
Football, baseball, soccer practice too. The job of coach, so well you do.
Mentor, counselor, and breadwinner too. All these jobs you have to do.
My dad with such a manly walk. A mighty force within your talk.
The master of your kingdom too. A strength within that runs so true.
You wear commitment on your chest. As quietly beside you, I  can rest.
The Golden Rule you try to preach. With love and loyalty you also teach.
Man of wisdom makes God glad. It’s your devotion that makes you, Dad!